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contactUs Thread Rolling facilities :- Taipan Export has a large battery of Thread Rolling machines comprising of 30. nos. of flat die type machine and 13 rotary die machines.
Cold thread rolling ensures more precise & stronger threads than cut threads. For obtaining a better fatigue resistance threads are rolled after heat treatment as is needed in critical automobile engine bolts.

Product Heat Treatment :- Each of the three plants comprises of continuous, fully automatic, electrically heated mesh belt conveyor type hardening and tempering furnace line with all duly calibrated controls operated by PLC’s. The system is human error proof in so far as output quality is concerned.
        The system ensures the required tempered Martensitic structure with right hardness traverse & devoid of any temper brittleness particularly in Chrome bearing steels. There is no scope of mix-up between as-hardened & tempered material or heat treated & un-heat treated material. The CP Controller ensures avoidance of decarburization or carburization both of which are banned in heat treatment of fasteners.



Final Inspection :-The stage Quality control System Controls the population quality by SPC & routine check up.
Each lot gets passed on to the last stage only if ok to specification in the line Inspection. It is subjected to quality check in the final Inspection based on statistical sampling plan as per IS: 2500.

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